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General Terms apply to the online Pregnancy Course Online

The instructor is Suzan Doeswijk

The student is understood to mean the pregnant woman and/or her partner.

The course leader provides the Pregnancy course Online.

The courses are taught by the instructor. The online Pregnancy Course Online is followed by individual students
and can be completed as desired.

Liability The Pregnancy Course Online
liable for the course of the pregnancy. The Courses provide clear and clean information about the possible
course of Childbirth. However, this is no guarantee for a smooth childbirth. Medical condition of the student
The Pregnancy Course Online nor the course leader is responsible for the medical condition of the student.
This responsibility lies with the student at all times.

Payment For the Pregnancy course online, payment must be made done true Credit Card,Paypal or Apple pay.
The payment service provider is Mollie payments. Cancellation by the student After payment for the Pregnancy Course Online, no refund is possible, regardless of the reason for cancellation. For the Confidentiality The instructor will treat the information provided by the student in strict confidence. Copyright The videos created by the pregnancy course online that can be viewed after payment are copyrighted and remain in the possession of Pregnancy Course  Online. The videos of the Pregnancy Course Online may never be changed and/or reproduced and/or broadcast without permission from the Pregnancy Course Online without the permission of the course leader
and/or mentioning the source and name.
The exploitation rights can be bought.

Complaints A student can submit a written complaint to info@pregnancycourseonline.com