Pregnancy Course Online

This online course is for couples who are between 28 – 36 weeks pregnant. This course is theoretical and has been scientifically proven, so that it is also extremely suitable for all “future fathers”!
Everyone deserves a birth that you look back on with a warm feeling.
This online pregnancy course gives you more confidence and knowledge about childbirth. All this at home. At times that suit you on the device off choice.

Online Childbirth Class
The Pregnancy Course Online is a good preparation for childbirth.  This course is mainly suitable for first – time parents and especially relevant if you and your partner want to know more about your childbirth.

With this class, you’ll gain the knowledge you need for a calmer, more comfortable birth experience! Learn how to cope with the pain of natural birth, what to expect from the entire birth process, prepare your partner, and get educated about medical interventions, in case things don’t go as planned.

  • Pregnancy course online will help you achieve the birth you desire and understand exactly what to expect the moment your childbirth begins.
  • Erase the unknown, eliminate fear and have a more confident, better birth.

After enrolling, you’ll have 1 month or 2 months access to our class so that you can get prepared on your time, from the comfort of your own home!

This course includes a lot of practical scientifically proven facts and breathing exercises that will help you better understand the stages of birth and how your body works during the pregnancy and childbirth. A good understanding of the birthing process step by step will give you and your partner more control and confidence.

The course is given by Suzan, she has prepared more than 1,500+ couples for their birth in the past 10 years.
Suzan also trains gynecologists, Midwives and other Birthing Professionals.

Information about insurance coverage of this course :
Please find your answer on the FAQ page.

The Online Pregnancy Course offers a different practical approach to childbirth education which will give you and you partner more confidence.

It is an online course and the duration is about 2 hours and divided in 4 chapters
Topics covered in the pregnancy course include:

  • About the Pregnancy
  • Stages of childbirth
  • Tips and tricks for you and your partner
  • What is a contraction / how does it feel
  • Dilating stage
  • Pain Relief
  • What if it doesn’t go the way you hoped
  • Interventions that might be necessary
  • Breathing exercises
  • Pushing technique
  • Full of actual proven facts
  • Being well prepared !!

Pregnancy course online is available on any device

The content is structured in such a way that you are optimally prepared for what is to come. During the online pregnancy course you will not only learn what happens to the body during childbirth, but also what influence you can have on a smoother birthing process and that is usually more than you can imagine!

childbirth preparation

You can watch the course in one go but if you would prefer otherwise you can also view the course in 4 stages.
After purchasing you will also receive helpful handout and an invoice by e-mail.
You can also sent the invoice to your insurance company.
Pregnancy Course Online course offers two course packages:

    • 1 month access to the course
      Costs  € 55,-
    • 2 months access to the course
      with the possibility to ask questions
      Costs € 75,-

Click on your desired course package. Then you enter an e-mail address and make up your own password with which you can log in to . After placing your order you have direct access to the online course.

We suggest starting the course from 28 weeks of pregnancy, and recommend finalizing just before finishing your 37th week of pregnancy.

If you have given birth before, this course can also serve as a refresher course.

    • In summary:
  • The online pregnancy course is a good preparation for childbirth, also for your partner.
  • Watch as often as you’d like, wherever and whenever you want.
  • Includes handout with all of the important information of the course and an invoice.
  • Depending on your choice, 24/7 availability access for 1 month or 2 months.

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Pregnancy course online